Professional Experience

    A complete list of my Professional Experiences.





    07/2021 – Present, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST (SYSADMIN/UNIX), GS-2210-11, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Bremerton, WA.

    COORDINATE, EXECUTE AND EVALUATE IT SUPPORT AND SYSTEMS ADMINISTRATION FUNCTIONS; apply knowledge of information technology and systems administration theories, concepts, and methods to install, configure, maintain, upgrade, and replace systems and applications. Participate in the operation and maintenance of systems servers, storage and backup devices, and software to include Solaris, Red Hat, and AIX operating systems. Plan and coordinate installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of hardware and software systems; manage systems resources including performance, capacity, availability, serviceability, and recoverability. Optimize the functionality of applications and systems. Develop and monitor metrics used in evaluating the performance of application goals and objectives.

    LEAD UNIX SYSTEM CONFIGURATION OPERATIONS while applying expert knowledge of UNIX system configuration to include integration architecture for other cooperate operating systems. Provide diagnoses and maintenance for UNIX systems and multi-level platforms.

    IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Plan and coordinate both technical and non-technical projects while displaying in-depth knowledge of system design and lifecycle management procedures including feasibility studies, long-range plan development, Department of Defense (DoD) budgeting, contracting, procurement procedures, and DoD/Department of the Navy (DoN) IT processing standards, procedures, and policies. Exercise skill in identifying and resolving complex information technology problems and utilizing in-depth knowledge of project management methodologies. Employ strong analytical capabilities and out-of-the-box thinking to capture key issues and formulate action plans to resolve technical problems. Understand and support organizational goals, policies, and priorities. Comply with administrative policies, regulations, and procedures in performing job operations; prevent fraud, waste, and abuse; adheres to procedures on safety, equipage, and similar matters.

    INFORMATION ASSURANCE AND SECURITY: Demonstrate knowledge of IT security principles, concepts, methods, standards, and practices to ensure information systems compliance. Ensure operations and maintenance support, monitored systems, and verified the integrity and availability of hardware, software, server resources, and key processes. Direct all aspects of information security. Perform regular security monitoring to identify possible intrusions. Provide direction to other organizational components on how new information security practices, policies, regulations, and requirements may conflict with current procedures and the impact of changes on daily operations.

    TROUBLESHOOTING, PROBLEM-SOLVING, AND FAULT ANALYSIS: Administer the installation, testing, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of the organization’s hardware and software systems. Resolve hardware and software interface and interoperability problems. Use critical-path analysis and investigation and observation techniques to perform root-cause analysis to determine proper techniques and methods for issue resolution. Diagnose information technology problems in response to customer-reported incidents. Work with other staff to deliver a wide range of services to customers. Manage and review trouble reports and resolve problems. Process and secure customer-friendly resolutions to problems, and ensure polite, effective one-on-one support while responding to customer concerns.

    WRITTEN/ORAL COMMUNICATION AND INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Interface with business units including middle management and/or internal resources to ensure quality and timelines are met. Communicate complex technical concepts and requirements to technical and non-technical personnel at all levels both internal and external to the OIG. Lead coordination meetings with project stakeholders to ensure all work activities conform to business requirements, industry standards, and prescribed procedures. Frequently communicate with colleagues to discuss IT projects and related activities through face-to-face conversations, telephone conversations, discussions in business meetings, and teleconferences. Anticipate and meet the needs of both internal and external customers.

    + Recognized for 16 hours of reorganization and cleanup of the main facility inside of datacenter.
    + Updated 4 primary BASH scripts used for installation of Red Hat 7/8 servers and workstations.
    + Found 10 STIGs that required a change of code in the main Sys Admin NFS share.

    11/2019 – 07/2021, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIST (CUSTOMER SUPPORT), GS-2210-09, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, Bremerton, WA.

    SERVED COMMAND CUSTOMERS ON COMPLEX ISSUES RELATED TO IT SERVICES of Platform IT (PIT) and Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and acted as a liaison between command customers and any third-party IT provider in matters pertaining to the planning and delivery of customer support IT services. Supported Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS) and Intermediate Maintenance Facility (IMF) at all remote sites including Bremerton, Bangor, Everett, and Yokosuka, Japan as well as Trident Refit Facility Bangor (TRFB). Applied comprehensive knowledge of DOD, Navy, NAVSEA, and command mission, objectives, terminology, and management practices to recognize probable areas of interaction and overlap between knowledge management systems solutions. Applied program management principles to participate in the development of IT goals, objectives, plans, and policies. Managed multiple technology projects from initiation to post-implementation. Worked with clients to assess needs, provide information or assistance, resolve problems, and satisfy expectations. Analyzed business requirements and translate needs into a comprehensive strategy, road maps, and implementation plans. Drove the integration of new technologies as solutions to evolving business needs.

    DIAGNOSED, TESTED, AND RESOLVED IT PROBLEMS in response to customer-reported incidents regarding a myriad of IT issues. Planned and identified IT service operational requirements; researched compliant and effective solutions, based on those requirements. Frequently traveled to customer’s worksite, within the shipyard and other PSNS & IMF sites, to support the resolution of IT issues. Troubleshot and mitigated complex problems to improve IT systems and minimize impact to critical customer services and project goals. Built, tested, and deployed workstations, laptops, and tablets to meet the customer’s requirements and mission. Performed software installation and testing on these systems to ensure the software functions properly and meets any required security requirements. Monitored and reported on the status and condition of IT security programs; coordinated corrective actions to eliminate or reduce risks. Applied creativity and innovative approaches in response to changing technical and management objectives.

    MAINTAINED METRICS ON CUSTOMERS’ REQUESTS, tickets and PIT inventory; tracked PIT shipyard sweeps. Ensured the rigorous application of cybersecurity policies, principles, and practices in the delivery of customer support service. Utilized customer request/reporting system to identify trends and develop metrics. Assisted to perform research and evaluation; provided feedback on problem trends and patterns in customer support requirements. Examined and evaluated alternative means of satisfying user requirements. Conducted in-depth analyses of special requirements related to network usage, user complaints, traffic interruptions, hardware and software capabilities, and other relevant factors.

    DELIVERED EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMER SERVICE and cultivated an environment for colleagues to do the same. Consistently promoted strong relationships with clients, vendors, and partner organizations based on earned trust and respect. Worked directly with customers to obtain information needed to establish or change accounts. Ensured customer satisfaction of hardware and software functionality and the quality of implementing instructions upon installation. Provided technical assistance to information systems users to minimize operational disruptions. Analyzed and evaluated problems and concerns; provide and implement timely solutions. Utilized comprehensive leadership, communication, and negotiation skills to successfully meet the needs of all stakeholders. Remained tactful in the presentation of findings and dissemination of directives or policy initiatives.

    ASSISTED TO MANAGE AND CONTROL THE ACQUISITION AND INSTALLATION of PIT and CAD/CAM systems and services. Researched and analyzed IT purchase requests to ensure they meet higher-level command and cybersecurity requirements. Submitted requests to the appropriate ITCS approval authority and track status. Provided customers with regular status updates. Reviewed and assigned customer requests to facilitate delivery of ITCS services to end-users. Conscientiously kept current on the latest technology, research, and information to advance knowledge and provide up-to-date counsel and guidance.

    RESOLVED OR PREEMPTED ISSUES THROUGH PLANNING AND COORDINATION; capably interacted with shipyard and command management, department management, project-related personnel, coworkers, equipment, or system software vendors, contractors, and representatives of professional associations. Exchanged technical information, coordinate and advise on work efforts, resolve problems, coordinate the implementation of changes to various security operations, discuss new or revised requirements; and evaluated program effectiveness and improvement within the naval shipyard community. Persuaded others to cooperate in meeting objectives and deadlines when there are problems in securing cooperation. Exhibited a high level of engagement and productive collaboration skills.

    APPLIED EXCELLENT ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION SKILLS to lead efforts in integrating and coordinating work and products with other systems and users. Worked closely with the senior field technician to develop written communications to address issues or provide guidance to users regarding processes or upcoming initiatives. Provided input in the development of SOPs, desk guides, or process instructions to document requirements for customer use.
    Clearly presented complex concepts to various sectors; adeptly adjusted technical complexity to accommodate a wide range of expertise. Made clear and convincing oral presentations. Interpreted written material, including technical materials, rules, regulations, instructions, reports, charts, graphs, or tables; ably apply what is learned from written material to specific situations. Ensured the accuracy and reliability of data included in all reports and documents. Communicated highly technical information in non-technical terms.

    + Completed 35 tickets using FootPrints manual submission ticketing system.
    + Built expertise in using Navy Information Technology Approval System for Information Technology Procurement Requests; completed 10 within the first few months of position.
    + Submitted 2 requests for customers’ New Work Induction and 2 Change Control Boards for industrial equipment being used by customers.

    09/2014 – 11/2019, SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR / TEAM LEADER, E5, U.S. Naval Forces Japan/Navy Region Japan, PSC 473, Box 116, Yokosuka City, JPN.

    PROVIDED DIRECT SUPPORT TO AN ADMIRAL (Flag Officer) at a Regional Headquarters location. Maintained databases, established accounts, and configured communications and system interfaces. Served as primary individual responsible for achieving IT project objectives. Planned and implemented the enterprise structural framework to align IT strategy, plans, and systems with Navy mission, goals, structure, and processes. Evaluated IT methods and procedures to recommend improvements or modifications related to internal systems. Oversaw IT systems application design and development. Determining network bandwidth needs and recommended measures to meet those requirements. Supervised issues regarding a resolution that affect specifications of systems or networks pertaining to processing, budgetary control, or statistical reporting. Troubleshot and performed disaster recovery procedures.

    OVERSAW ALL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LIFE-CYCLE TASKS while overcoming constraints such as cost, scope, and time. Isolated and defined unprecedented conditions, resolve critical problems, and integrated new technologies. Conducted cost-benefit analysis methods, achievement strategies, tools of quality assurance, and quality control. Installed, configured, tested, implemented, and managed the systems environment to support IT architecture and business needs. Applied proficient knowledge of the architecture and typology of software, hardware, and networks, including LANS, WANS, and telecommunications systems, and systems life cycle management. Installed and maintained system upgrades, operating, and security patches. Remained open to change and new information; adapted work methods in response to changing conditions or unexpected obstacles, and effectively dealt with ambiguity. Hailed as the “go-to” technician for critical jobs requiring time-sensitive execution.

    DESIGNED, INSTALLED, OPERATED, AND MAINTAINED classified and unclassified military computer systems and technical operations to support command and control (C2) and logistical data transmissions. Utilized proprietary programs to collect, manipulate, and distribute data for a wide variety of applications. Configured Cisco routers, switches, and built firewalls to protect against cyber-attacks. Managed moves, additions, and changes to existing hardware and software including IP phones, a simple network management protocol, modems, and satellite transportable terminals. Liaised with other team members to diagnose issues with integrated systems. Served as communication security account manager, advising, and developing strategies for software standardization, compatibility, and implementation while maintaining system integrity.

    PROVIDED DESKTOP SYSTEM MANAGEMENT with account monitoring, security, operating system (OS) installation, and system administration functions. Maintained and loaded cryptographic devices and keys. Assisted users with account setup, email configuration, CAC setup, data backups, and desktop and laptop PC problem solving and usage. Documented network configurations and versioning. Demonstrated proficiency in applying security requirements to an operating system for the network environment and computing environment. Developed operational guidance for systems operations, maintenance, and sustainment. Served as the recognized authority in the analysis and direction of IT programs and issues and in researching, interpreting, analyzing, and applying operations and security guidance.

    IDENTIFIED AND SOLVED PROBLEMS relative to installation and functionality issues. Performed routine software and hardware maintenance and troubleshooting. Conducted programmatic evaluations, made corrections when applicable, or referred to others for resolution when necessary. Made determinations involving major uncertainties due to factors such as changes in requirements, policy, and rapidly evolving technology. Administered and participated in high-level meetings with staff, customers, and upper-level management, while concurrently creating and advancing project plans. Provided program leadership; established IT policies and criteria; and advised senior management on plans, programs, and pending IT developments.

    CONDUCTED ANALYSIS TO DETERMINE COMPLIANCE or advantages/disadvantages of projects. Managed moves, additions, and changes to existing hardware and software including IP phones, simple network management. Prepared documentation on cost/benefit studies that involved summarizing information and organizing it in a logical fashion. Monitored, evaluated, and reported on the status and condition of IT security programs; coordinated corrective actions to eliminate or reduce risks. Interviewed subject-matter experts to obtain facts regarding work processes; synthesized the resulting data into charts showing information flow. Planned and completed assignments independently; informed management of controversial problems and conferred with management on proposed actions that may have required policy decisions.

    SET SHORT AND LONG-RANGE PROJECT WORK PLANS AND SCHEDULES, for both in-house staff and contracted work. Directed the implementation of project plans to meet objectives and manage project resources. Translated business rules and processes into requirements. Provided technical assistance regarding federal procurement and contracting processes. Assigned work to subordinates based on priorities, the difficulty of assignments, and capabilities. Established guidelines and performance expectations for staff members, provided feedback and evaluated employees’ performance.

    OVERSAW CONTRACTS FOR IT EQUIPMENT AND SERVICES. Understood and executed various types of contracts, techniques for contracting and procurement, and contract administration. Used project management, conflict management, mediation, team building, and negotiation tools to achieve results. Prepared work statements and technical paragraphs for specifications. Inspected and tested work performed by contractors. Prepared reports on progress and problems. Monitored vendor information sources for upgrades and patches. Analyzed diverse viewpoints to make planning decisions and solve complex problems.

    APPLIED CAPABLE INFOSEC EXPERTISE; continually monitored systems and verified the integrity and availability of hardware, software, server resources, and key processes while exercising expert knowledge of IT infrastructure and security. Executed ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, security improvements, and resource optimization. Employed automated security tools to determine vulnerabilities and implement security countermeasures to mitigate active and potential risks. Implemented protective measures designed to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, acquisition, manipulation, modification, or loss of information. Reported and responded to any attempt to gain unauthorized access to information, system failures, virus infections, and other occurrences that could lead to unauthorized disclosure or destruction of data.

    + Completed 140 trouble tickets for 450 personnel and tracked 75 classified transactions ensuring 100% secure telecommunications.
    + Modified the G2 SharePoint Regional Gateway for all 7 installations, using Hypertext Markup Language. Meticulously created a portal within the website to act as a ticketing system for tracking work hours. Created 2 Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that users could capably utilize the new system without error.
    + Modernized defunct space into a 40 station watch floor that supported the 24-hour sector of operations.
    + Configured 20 cryptographic devices for 600 end-users and three facilities with minimum downtime.
    + Maintained 100% accountability for 160-line items and completed 12 audits.
    + Fundraised over $10K for a command-sponsored charitable event.

    03/2011 – 09/2014, MISSILE TECHNICIAN / MANAGER, Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor, 120 South Dewey Street, Bremerton, WA 98314.

    OPERATED, TESTED, MAINTAINED, TROUBLESHOT, AND REPAIRED ballistic missile weapons systems. Aligned and calibrated all areas of the missile system, launcher system, and various test systems. Troubleshot and repaired digital, electrical, and electronic systems; cooling and heating systems; and control systems using electromechanical devices, hydraulics, and pneumatics. Utilized standard electronic test equipment such as meters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, logic analyzers, DOS-based computers for word processing as conducted administrative record-keeping tasks. Analyzed capacity data and developed capacity plans for appropriate level enterprise-wide systems. Managed equipment and software for system backups and recovery of applications and data. Tested and troubleshot hardware and software problems.

    COMMUNICATED PRODUCTIVELY, both orally and in writing. Regularly delivered briefings to senior staff on the status of systems, projects, and operations. Established collaborative working relationships with stakeholders to accurately assess needs; provided information or assistance; resolved problems, and satisfied expectations. Listened attentively to others; attended to nonverbal cues and responded appropriately. Identified and analyzed problems; distinguished between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions and develop solutions. Offered clear oral presentations of complex concepts, adeptly adjusting technical complexity to accommodate a wide range of audiences. Ensured all written materials were clear, accurate, and timely prepared. Safeguarded requirements for classified material were properly followed.

    + Reviewed 500 publications, 28 classified documents, and repaired 34 minor discrepancies resulting in a flawless QA Audit for the fiscal year.
    + Saved over $25K in computer repairs and maintained 508 pieces of electronic calibration equipment to support various repair shops.

    Naval Submarine Base New London, 1 Crystal Lake Road, Groton, CT 06349, $40,000 annually, 40+ hours per week, Supervisor: R. Allen, may contact.

    MAINTAINED, REPAIRED, AND ADJUSTED a wide range of cutting-edge electronic equipment. Worked with equipment used for everything from communications, detection, and tracking to recognition and identification, navigation, and electronic countermeasures. This time period includes 1-year of initial naval recruitment, basic and advanced occupational training, and a 1-year apprenticeship.