Professional Experience

    Operated, tested, maintained, troubleshoot, and repaired ballistic missile weapons systems.

    Yokosuka, Japan


    Military Career Summary

    Entered: September 2009
    Hours/Week: 40+


    System Administrator | Team Leader

    U.S. Naval Forces Japan/Navy Region Japan
    Yokosuka, Japan

    Feb. 2018 – Present | 40+ Hours/Week
    Installs, configures, administrates, repairs, and operates the GCCS-M 4.0 system both ashore and afloat. Maintains databases, establishes accounts and configures communications and system interfaces. Troubleshoots and performs disaster recovery procedures.


    Information Systems Technician | Team Leader

    U.S. Naval Forces Japan/Navy Region Japan
    Yokosuka, Japan

    Sep. 2014 – Feb. 2018 | 40+ Hours/Week
    Designed, installed, operated, and maintained classified and unclassified military computer systems and technical operations to support command and control (C2) and logistical data transmissions. Utilized proprietary programs to collect, manipulate, and distribute data for a wide variety of applications. Configured Cisco routers, switches, and build firewalls to protect against cyber-attacks. Managed moves, additions, and changes to existing hardware and software including IP phones, simple network management protocol, modems, and satellite transportable terminals. Liaised with other team members to diagnose issues with integrated systems. Served as communication security account manager, advising, and developing strategies for software standardization, compatibility, and implementation while maintaining system integrity.


    Missile Technician | Manager

    Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor
    Silverdale, Washington

    March 2011 – Sep. 2014 | 40+ Hours/Week
    Operated, tested, maintained, troubleshoot, and repaired ballistic missile weapons systems. Aligns, calibrates and, under supervision, troubleshoots and repairs all areas of the missile system, launcher system, and various test systems; troubleshoots and repairs digital, electrical, and electronic systems; troubleshoots and repairs cooling and heating systems as well as control systems using electromechanical devices, hydraulics, and pneumatics; uses standard electronic test equipment such as meters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, and logic analyzers; uses DOS- based computers for word processing as well as other administrative record keeping tasks.


    Electronic Equipment Repairmen | Team Leader

    Naval Submarine Base New London
    Groton, Connecticut

    Sep. 2009 – March 2011 | 40+ Hours/Week
    Maintained, repaired and adjusted a wide range of cutting-edge electronic equipment. Worked with equipment used for everything from communications, detection and tracking to recognition and identification, navigation, and electronic countermeasures.
    This time period includes 1-year of initial Naval recruitment, basic and advanced occupational training and a 1-year apprenticeship.


    Key Accomplishments

    • Hailed as the “go-to” technician for critical jobs requiring time sensitive and flawless execution.

    • Configured 20 cryptographic devices for 600 end users and three facilities with minimum downtime.

    • Reviewed 500 publications, 28 classified documents and repaired 34 minor discrepancies resulting in a flawless QA Audit for the fiscal year.

    • Maintained 100% accountability for 160-line items and completed 12 successful audits.

    • Modernized defunct space into a 40 station watch floor that supported 24-hour sector of operations.

    • Saved over $25K in computer repairs and maintained 508 pieces of electronic calibration equipment to support various repair shops.

    • Completed 140 trouble tickets for 450 personnel and tracked 75 classified transactions ensuring 100% secure telecommunications.

    • Saved $5K in supply costs with office reorganization involving 15 pieces of furniture, six workstations, and two printers.

    • Fundraised over $10K for a command-sponsored charitable event.


    Specialized Experience

    • Evaluates IT methods and procedures to recommend improvements or modifications related to internal systems. Oversaw IT systems application design and development. Oversaw issues regarding resolutions that affect specifications of systems or networks pertaining to processing, budgetary control or statistical reporting. Managed moves, additions, and changes to existing hardware and software including IP phones, simple network management. Conducted analysis to determine compliance, or advantages/disadvantages of projects. Determined impact of modifications to project systems. Provided technical assistance regarding Federal procurement or contracting processes.

    • Served as the primary individual responsible for achieving IT project objectives. Accomplished objectives through oversight of all IT Life-Cycle tasks while overcoming constraints such as cost, scope, time and ensuring quality. Isolated and defined unprecedented conditions, resolving critical problems and integration of new technologies. Set short and long-range project work plans and schedules either in-service and/or via contracted work. Directed the implementation of project plans to meet objectives and manage project resources. Worked with cost-benefit analysis methods, achievement strategies, tools of quality assurance and quality control. Proficient knowledge of the architecture and typology of software, hardware, and networks, including LANS, WANS, and telecommunications systems, and systems life cycle management. Translated business rules and processes into requirements.

    •  Interviewed subject-matter experts to obtain facts regarding work processes and synthesized the resulting data into charts showing information flow. Operated computer consoles and chose from various procedures in responding to machine commands or unscheduled halts. Scheduled the sequence of programs to be processed by computers where alternatives had to be weighed with a view to production efficiency. Prepared documentation on cost/benefit studies that involved summarizing the material and organizing it in a logical fashion. Worked directly with customers to obtain information needed to establish or change accounts. Translated detailed logical steps developed by others into language codes that computers accept where this required understanding of procedures and limitations appropriate to use of a programming language


    Knowledge Skills & Abilities

    • Attention to Detail: Thorough when performing work and conscientious about attending to detail.

    • Customer Service: Works with clients and customers and any individuals who use or receive the services or products that your work unit produces, including the general public, individuals who work in the agency, other agencies, or organizations outside the Government. Assessed customer needs, provided information or assistance, resolved their problems, or satisfied their expectations; knowledgeable about available products and services; is committed to providing quality products and services.

    • Oral Communication: Expressed information to individuals or groups effectively, taking into consideration the audience and nature of the information, for example, technical, sensitive, controversial. Offered clear and convincing oral presentations; listened to others, attends to nonverbal cues and responded appropriately. Participated in meetings or conferences with internal or external stakeholders. Conducted training for staff or other interested parties. Evaluated and responded to requests for modifications to existing systems. Provided leadership in the delivery of information technology solutions that anticipated and met enterprise-wide needs by empowering employees to deliver customer-centered, value-creating systems, products, services, and support.

    • Problem Solving: Identified problems and determined accuracy and relevance of information. Used sound judgment to generate and evaluate alternatives and to make recommendations. Worked with applications developers to isolate and solve design problems encountered during testing and implementation stages. Determined best approaches for implementation within the technical environment. Evaluated the feasibility of proposed new systems development projects. Consulted with customers to refine functional requirements. Translated functional requirements into design specifications.



    A cornerstone of N6 Department’s success, his commitment to the mission is unmatched.

    – TECHNICAL EXPERT. As Departmental Work Center Supervisor, he managed the completion of 140 ONE-Net trouble tickets supporting 450 military, civilian and MLC users. Flawlessly tracked 75 KSV-21 cards enabling 100% secure telecommunications. Provided top-level VIP technical support for the CNFJ Flag Officer and front-office staff.

    – SUPERB MANAGER. During his five months as the EKMS Assistant Local Element, conducted two EKMS semi-annual inventories accounting for 140 line-items with zero discrepancies. An expert on the Command Token Agent Program, he meticulously trained senior and junior Sailors on the proper procedures for requesting and issuing tokens. Token Program is the best in the region! – COMMAND ORIENTED. Selected by peers to be the Blue Jacket Mess Treasurer, maintaining a balance of $2,000 and passing the annual base audit with zero discrepancies. Volunteered 10 hours of his time on local community relations events.

    Ready for positions of increased responsibility. Highly recommended for advancement to First Class Petty Officer.

    Nichols, JT, CDR, US NAVY


    ***Always striving for excellence.***

    IT3 Musante’s positive attitude and eagerness to lear-n quickly allowed him to become a vital asset in the Strategic Weapons System Technical Support Center (SWSTSC).

    ACCOMPLISHED ACCOUNTANT. As a publication custodian, he took an aggressive approach and audited over 500 publications, 28 classified documents and electronic media discovering and repairing 34 minor·discrepancies resulting in a flawless 2014 QA Audit.

    SKILLED COORDINATOR. As the SWSTSC Calibration Custodian, he ensured 508 pieces of SWS calibration equipment were properly inventoried, issued and maintained to support various Strategic Weapons Systems repair shops. IT3 Musante saved the Navy in excess of $25,000 in computer repairs over the span of three refits. Petty Officer Musante is a highly motivated and steadfast individual who will be a prized addition to any shop.



    ***A dedicated Sailor that proactively seeks new tasks.***

    Although only onboard a short time, Petty Officer Musante has proven to be a quick learner and versatile technician.

    – OUTSTANDING ADMINISTRATOR. As a Primary Terminal Area Security Officer, he resolved 47 trouble tickets regarding email, data backup and storage issues resulting in a 95% success rate.

    – SUPERIOR INITITIVE. Qualified in EKMS. Assisted in the EKMS semi-annual inventory. As system administrator of CENTRIXS, he provided critical mission support and enhanced bilateral missions.

    – RECOGNIZED EXPERT. His unique skillset of all variants of the LINUX operating system were critical in resolving complex issues with the Air Defense Systems Integrator and resulted in minimal downtime to a mission critical system. Petty Officer Musante’s initiative and team first attitude in all aspects of his job make him ready for increased responsibility as a Second Class Petty Officer.



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