Key Accomplishments

    Dynamic, open-minded and creative in all of my key accomplishments.


    + Completed 140 trouble tickets for 450 personnel and tracked 75 classified transactions ensuring 100% secure telecommunications.
    + Modified the G2 SharePoint Regional Gateway for all 7 installations, using Hypertext Markup Language. Meticulously created a portal within the website to act as a ticketing system for tracking work hours. Created 2 Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that users could capably utilize the new system without error.
    + Modernized defunct space into a 40 station watch floor that supported 24-hour sector of operations.
    + Configured 20 cryptographic devices for 600 end users and three facilities with minimum downtime.
    + Maintained 100% accountability for 160-line items and completed 12 audits.
    + Fundraised over $10K for a command-sponsored charitable event.

    03/2011 – 09/2014, MISSILE TECHNICIAN / MANAGER, Naval Base Kitsap – Bangor, 120 South Dewey Street, Bremerton, WA 98314, 40+ hours per week, Supervisor: K. Kobold, may contact.

    OPERATED, TESTED, MAINTAINED, TROUBLESHOT AND REPAIRED ballistic missile weapons systems. Aligned and calibrated all areas of the missile system, launcher system, and various test systems. Troubleshot and repaired digital, electrical, and electronic systems; cooling and heating systems; and control systems using electromechanical devices, hydraulics, and pneumatics. Utilized standard electronic test equipment such as meters, oscilloscopes, logic probes, logic analyzers, DOS-based computers for word processing as conducted administrative record keeping tasks. Analyzed capacity data and developed capacity plans for appropriate level enterprise-wide systems. Managed equipment and software for system backups and recovery of applications and data. Tested and troubleshot hardware and software problems related to equipment.

    COMMUNICATED PRODUCTIVELY, both orally and in writing. Regularly delivered briefings to senior staff on the status of systems, projects, and operations. Established collaborative working relationships with stakeholders to accurately assess needs; provided information or assistance; resolved problems, and satisfied expectations. Listened attentively to others; attended to nonverbal cues and responded appropriately. Identified and analyzed problems; distinguished between relevant and irrelevant information to make logical decisions and develop solutions. Offered clear oral presentations of complex concepts, adeptly adjusting technical complexity to accommodate a wide range of audiences. Ensured all written materials were clear, accurate, and timely prepared. Safeguarded that requirements for classified material were properly followed.


    + Reviewed 500 publications, 28 classified documents and repaired 34 minor discrepancies resulting in a flawless QA Audit for the fiscal year.
    + Saved over $25K in computer repairs and maintained 508 pieces of electronic calibration equipment to support various repair shops.

    09/2009 – 03/2011, ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT REPAIRMAN / TEAM LEADER, Naval Submarine Base New London, 1 Crystal Lake Road, Groton, CT 06349, 40+ hours per week, Supervisor: R. Allen, may contact.

    MAINTAINED, REPAIRED AND ADJUSTED a wide range of cutting-edge electronic equipment. Worked with equipment used for everything from communications, detection, and tracking to recognition and identification, navigation, and electronic countermeasures. This time period includes 1-year of initial naval recruitment, basic and advanced occupational training, and a 1-year apprenticeship.

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