Key Accomplishments

Dynamic, open-minded and creative in all of my key accomplishments.


+ Completed 140 trouble tickets for 450 personnel and tracked 75 classified transactions
ensuring 100% secure telecommunications.
+ Modified the G2 SharePoint Regional Gateway for all 7 installations, using Hypertext Markup
Language. Meticulously created a portal within the website to act as a ticketing system for
tracking work hours. Created 2 Standard Operating Procedures to ensure that users could capably
utilize the new system without error.
+ Modernized defunct space into a 40 station watch floor that supported 24-hour sector of
+ Configured 20 cryptographic devices for 600 end users and three facilities with minimum
+ Maintained 100% accountability for 160-line items and completed 12 audits.
+ Fundraised over $10K for a command-sponsored charitable event.