Core Competencies

    Dynamic, open-minded and creative as a strategist and problem-solver.


    • Consistently promote strong relationships with clients, vendors, and partner organizations based on earned trust and respect.

    • Robust reputation for delivering extraordinary customer service and for cultivating an environment for colleagues to do the same.

    • Lauded as a strong leader in galvanizing teams to embrace a singular vision and oneness of purpose; well-respected for making staff training a high priority.

    • Proven capacity to deliver complex IT-related integration, replacement, and addition projects on-time and within budget despite shifting priorities, demanding expectations, and stringent deadlines.

    • Tactful and empathetic manager gifted with forging functional working relationships with any person in any type of environment.

    • Skillful at understanding people and how they process information, able to redirect information as needed to enforce collaboration and participation in groups.

    • Dynamic, open-minded and creative as a strategist and problem-solver.

    • Quick learner; converts learning into knowledge and applies practically in the workplace.

    • Active listener, receptive conversationalist; engaging people in a manner than enables them to feel comfortable and cooperative.

    • Passionate about helping service members and their families cope during transient and stressful times during their lives.

    • Develop a broad spectrum of written/verbal material and brief flag officer level.

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